• Yamaha Band Instruments
    Yamaha Band Instruments

    We also carry Yamaha Student-Line instruments. Please contact us for inquiries.

    Model: STUDENT INST.
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
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  • Olds Trumpet NTR110PC
    Olds Trumpet NTR110PC

    The Olds NTR110PC offers both quality and durability in a remarkably free flowing trumpet. This medium weight horn with its .460” bore and 5” bell produces a powerful yet rounded tone consistent through the upper register. The first slide thumbhook allows for easy adjustment, and the stainless steel valves provide consistency and prevention against corrosion. Given the proper care and maintenance, this horn will last for many years. Also included is a 7C mouthpiece, a sturdy molded plastic case, and the F.E.Olds ten year warranty.

    Model: NTR110PC
    Manufacturer: Olds
    Regular Price: $1,295.00
    On Sale For: $995.00
  • Yamaha Xeno YTR-8335IIRS Trumpet
    Yamaha Xeno YTR-8335IIRS Trumpet

    This model adopts a unique “reverse-style” design with staggered main pipe valve slides, creating a smooth response. A heavy mouthpiece receiver and daring removal of the third valve water key results in a superb balance of playability and tonal quality. With this model, musicians will be able to produce a firm sound in all dynamic ranges, from delicate pianissimo to powerful fortissimo.

    Model: YTR-8335IIRS
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
    Regular Price: $4,751.00
    On Sale For: $3,336.99
  • John Packer Trumpet JP151
    John Packer Trumpet JP151

    Designed specifically to aid the progress of beginner players, the JP151 aims to provide students with a step up instrument that will ensure they continue to develop and improve as a player, but at a budget price.

    Model: JP151
    Manufacturer: John Packer
    Regular Price: $795.00
    On Sale For: $809.00
  • John Packer Trumpet JP251SWS
    John Packer Trumpet JP251SWS

    A perfect balance of high level performance at an attractive price, the JP251SW is a popular choice for schools and students. Designed for the developing player to tackle the mid-to-late grade exams, the JP251SW's versatility has seen use on stage in professional settings, from Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra to various shows in London's West End.

    Model: JP251SWS
    Manufacturer: John Packer
    Regular Price: $1,492.00
    On Sale For: $1,039.00
  • Jupiter JTR700A Trumpet
    Jupiter JTR700A Trumpet

    This excellent student-line trumpet is one of our most popular band-beginner rental instruments. Features include: Lacquered brass body w/rose brass leadpipe, .460” bore, 4.8” bell, stainless steel pistons, 1st valve slide thumb saddle, adjustable 3rd valve slide finger ring, JBM-TR7C mouthpiece,and plastic molded case.

    Model: JTR700A
    Manufacturer: Jupiter
    Price: $1,649.00
  • King KTR201 Trumpet
    King KTR201 Trumpet

    The King KTR201 student-level trumpet has a .459” bore, 1st silde thumb hook, red brass leadpipe, nickel-silver receiver, Monel pistons, plastic two-point valve guides, mouthpiece and sturdy case.

    Model: KTR201
    Manufacturer: King
    Price: $1,289.00
  • Getzen 490S Trumpet, silver plated
    Getzen 490S Trumpet, silver plated

    Getzen 300/400 Series Trumpets have been used by many generations of beginning brass players. Although they are entry-level instruments in the Getzen product line 390 and 490 Trumpets are far more than what other manufacturers consider “student line” instruments. Both models feature nickel silver inside slide tubing and handspun, seamless bells with wire-reinforced rims making them durable enough to stand up to the demands of a classroom setting. 490 Trumpets are designed to provide musicians with the higher quality sound and performance they want without sacrificing the durability they need. 490 Trumpets have many of the same great features of the 390 with the addition of a standard first valve saddle, gold brass mouthpipe, and handspun, seamless gold brass bell. This makes the 490 a warm-sounding, free-blowing trumpet for the player looking for a superior instrument at an exceptional value.

    Model: 490S
    Manufacturer: Getzen
    Regular Price: $1,995.00
    On Sale For: $1,095.00