Band Instrument Repairs

Del Sarlette is a graduate of Western Iowa Tech’s Band Instrument Repair program (Western Iowa Area Community College), class of 1974. He is a charter member of NAPBIRT (The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians), and attends all of their national and regional clinics that his schedule allows.

Mike Odello, shop assistant with an emphasis on brass and percussion repair, had worked in various California music store repair shops (during his summers off from teaching) since 1996, and joined our staff in 2008. Mike is also a member of NAPBIRT.

Besides PC (“play condition”) work on all woodwind, brass and percussion band instruments, our shop also offers full repads on flutes, clarinets, and saxes, plus ultrasonic or chemical “flushouts” on all brass instruments. Even though we don’t do complete overhauls on brass instruments in our shop, we do work with other shops that perform those projects, and will be happy to “job out” those repairs.

Current Repair Prices:


Play Condition


Piccolo $50.00 (+ pads & corks) $275.00
Flute $50.00 (+ pads & corks) $200.00
Flute (Open Hole - Non Pro) $60.00 (+ pads & corks) $300.00
Flute clean, polish and adjust $75.00 (+ pads & corks) -
Clarinet (Bb soprano) $50.00 (+ pads & corks) $200.00 (plastic) / $300.00 (wood)
Bass Clarinet $60.00 (+ pads & corks) $500.00
Oboe $60.00 (+ pads & corks)  
Basson $60.00 (+ pads & corks) Price on request
Alto Saxophone $60.00 (+ pads & corks) $400.00 (+$150 for silver)
Tenor Saxophone $60.00 (+ pads & corks) $400.00 (+$150 for silver)
Alto or tenor sax flushout $140.00 (+ pads, corks & parts) -
Baritone Saxophone $75.00 (+ pads & corks) -

Woodwind “play condition” includes full regulation and testing. Pads & cork are extra – up to 8 pads maximum.

Woodwind “Repad” includes replacement of all pads and tenon corks, necessary key corks and springs, wash body and clean keys, full regulation and play-test. Wooden clarinet repad also includes oiling of body & bore. Saxophone repads will have an extra charge for “special order” pads and resonators.

Saxophone “Flushout” includes complete disassembly of instrument, ultrasonically cleaning body and neck, wiping off keys, reassembly, replacing necessary pads, corks and springs, full regulation and play test. Pads, corks and other materials are extra.




Factory Overhaul

Trumpet/Cornet $75.00 Price on request
Trumpet - Silver $95.00 Price on request
Trombone $85.00 Price on request
Rotor/value trombone $95.00 Price on request
Trombone - slide repair only $65.00 (+ parts) -
French Horn (Single) $80.00 Price on request
French Horn (Double) $95.00 Price on request
Baritone/Euphonium $75.00 ($85.00 4-valve) Price on request
Baritone/Euphonium - silver $95.00 ($110.00 4-valve) Price on request
Sousaphone (Brass) $120.00 Price on request
Sousaphone (Fiberglass) $95.00 Price on request
Tuba (3/4 Size) $85.00 Price on request
Tuba (3 valve) $95.00 Price on request
Tuba (4 valve) $120.00 Price on request
Tuba (Rotor) $130.00 Price on request

Brass “Flush-out” includes ultra-sonic cleaning (small and medium-sized instruments) and replacement of corks and felts, and freeing of valves and slides. Large tubas are chemically cleaned. (There is an extra charge for dent removal and soldering).


Mouthpiece replating


Trumpet/Cornet/French Horn $29.00
Trombone/Baritone $34.00
Tuba $39.00
National Asscoaition of Professional Band

Finding Leaks in Brass Instruments

Examples of Our Work

Hourly rates on "play condition" work:

$65/hr. if you watch
$70/hr. if you help
$75/hr. if you worked on it first
$85/hr. if you worked on it first and used "super glue"
$100/hr. if we have to listen to a concert of longer than 1 minute when you pick up your instrument.

We do 3 types of work in our shop - good, fast and cheap. You may choose any 2.

If you want it good and fast, it won't be cheap.
If you want it good and cheap, it won't be fast.
If you want it fast and cheap, it won't be good.

Prices subject to change according to customer's attitude.