• Bach TR-300 Trumpet (used)
    Bach TR-300 Trumpet (used)

    Model: TR-300
    Manufacturer: Bach
    Price: $350.00
  • King 600 Trumpet (used)
    King 600 Trumpet (used)

    This King 600 is a great option for your beginning trumpet player. The lacquer is over 90% and there are very few minor dents on the body. The horn has been cleaned in our professional shop, felts and corks have been replaced with synthetic, valves aligned and service is guaranteed for one year from purchase date. The case is original wood. The instrument comes with valve oil, cleaning cloth, case and mouthpiece.

    Model: 600
    Manufacturer: King
    Price: $295.00
  • T-500 Holton Al Hirt Special Edition (used)
    T-500 Holton Al Hirt Special Edition (used)

    The Al Hirt Model of Holton trumpet was made from 1965-1977 as a step-up horn. This particular one was likely made in 1966 and was just overhauled to restore to new condition! The finish is brass lacquered with nickel tuning slides. The bore is .459" and is in Bb. This specimen still has great valve compression and plays very well! The instrument comes with a mouthpiece, valve oil and case.

    Model: T-500
    Manufacturer: Holton
    Price: $799.00
  • UBTP Used Bundy Trumpet
    UBTP Used Bundy Trumpet

    This is a used Bundy trumpet. It has lacquer wear and the case tray lifts out easily. This has a plastic case. All our used trumpets come with a cleaning cloth, valve oil, case and mouthpiece.

    Model: UBTP
    Manufacturer: Bundy
    Price: $250.00