• Yamaha Band Instruments
    Yamaha Band Instruments

    We also carry Yamaha Student-Line instruments. Please contact us for inquiries.

    Model: STUDENT INST.
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
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  • Armstrong Flute 800BOF
    Armstrong Flute 800BOF

    This model 80BO professional-level flute has a solid silver body and head joint, gold-plated embouchure plate and head crown, open-hole keys, 'B' foot, and off-set 'G' key. The case includes a zipper cover. *model close-out*

    Model: 800BOF
    Manufacturer: Armstrong
    Regular Price: $2,426.00
    On Sale For: $1,295.00
  • Azumi AZ2SRBOP Flute
    Azumi AZ2SRBOP Flute

    This intermediate level flute includes a sterling silver headjoint, silver-plated body, 'B' foot, open-hole keys, and an offset 'G', zippered case cover.

    Model: AZ2SRBOP
    Manufacturer: Azumi
    Regular Price: $2,614.00
    On Sale For: $1,999.00
  • Yamaha YFL-462HY/LPGP flute
    Yamaha YFL-462HY/LPGP flute

    This professional-level flute has a solid silver body, solid-silver head joint with a gold-plated embouchure (lip) plate, French (open-hole) keys, 'B' foot, in-line 'G', pointed key arms. The case has a zippered cover.

    Model: YFL-462HY/LPGP
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
    Regular Price: $3,646.00
    On Sale For: $2,553.99
  • Yamaha YFL-362HY/LPGP Flute
    Yamaha YFL-362HY/LPGP Flute

    This intermediate-level flute has a silver-plated body, solid silver headjoint with gold-plated embouchure (lip) plate, open-hole keys, 'B' foot, offset 'G', pointed key arms. The case has a zipper cover.

    Model: YFL-362HYLPGP
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
    Regular Price: $2,327.00
    On Sale For: $1,703.99
  • Selmer SFL511BO Flute
    Selmer SFL511BO Flute

    This intermediate-level flute has a sterling silver headjoint, silver plated body, open hole keys, 'B' foot, offset 'G' key, pointed key arms, zippered case cover. From Conn-Selmer: The intermediate SFL511 series of flutes features a professional hand-cut headjoint made of the finest grade American sterling silver, hand-assembled keywork, Pisoni Lucien Deluxe pads, and a body comprised of premium Japanese nickel silver. The headjoint design for these flutes features a sharp blowing edge, steep drop-off lip plate, and multi-tapered bore for fast and effortless response and articulation. The under and over hand-cutting provides a rich, expressive tone that is even throughout all the registers and gives the performer extreme dynamic control. The keywork on the 511 series of flutes has the highest specifications and tolerances alongside carefully adjusted and balanced German steel wire springs. This ensures the 511 series have a feather-light, lightning-fast, and fluid key action. French pointed key arms connect at the back of the key cup and extend to the center guaranteeing greater strength, stability, even pad wear, and ultimately less overall maintenance. All Selmer flutes are professionally set up, play-tested, and optimally adjusted at the Conn-Selmer Woodwind Factory located in Elkhart, Indiana. *Rich, brilliant, projecting tone *Easy articulation *Light, fast, and carefully balanced key action *Advanced ergonomics *Precise intonation

    Model: SFL511BO
    Manufacturer: Selmer
    Regular Price: $2,481.00
    On Sale For: $1,699.00